Turf, Nursery & Ornamental Soil Amendment

Revitalize Your soil. Grow with Cool Terra.

Applications and Use: For innovative landscapers, turf managers, golf superintendents, nursery operators, and land stewards interested in promoting quality, resilient, and beautiful plantings.

A consistent and predictable soil amendment for landscapes, turf, trees, shrubs, perennial and annual flower beds, and more.


Cool Terra® helps growers and users manage fundamental soil
properties and has been shown to improve plant establishment through quicker germination and increased root development. By incorporating Cool Terra into private and commercial projects, growers can improve key soil performance characteristics for greener, longer-lasting jobs and greater sustainability.

Often, soil is overlooked– seen as merely ground for holding plants while fertilizers, nutrients, and water help them grow. Over time, our topsoil’s have deteriorated due greater demands and harsh environments and many installations fail because of poor soil quality. Fortunately, Cool Terra works to revitalize soil performance characteristics for successful and long-lasting installations and home gardening projects. This can reduce warranty claims and rework for installers and lead to happier

A biochar-based, fixed-carbon amendment for quality, beauty, and resiliency

Cool Terra is the world’s only fixed carbon root zone amendment produced with Cool Planet’s patented Engineered Biocarbon™ technology processes that create biochar-based products specifically designed to ensure predictability, consistency, and performance.

Cool Terra provides a microbial habitat with optimal nutrient and water holding capacity, as well as structural improvements for your soil.



A tool to help improve turf, nursery, and ornamental installations


Effective for a wide range of plants and soil types


Fosters input use efficiencies, allowing users to utilize fertilizer and irrigation more judiciously


Affordably priced to allow green industry professionals to achieve significant return on investment. Satisfy customers for repeat business and reduce warranty claims and rework from failed installations.


Backed by credible science


Cool Planet has made a significant multi-year investment in internal R&D and 3rd party, independent trials in laboratories, fields, and green spaces.
Science-based research and trials show that Cool Terra can help reduce the use of water, improve fertilizer efficiency, provide a microbial habitat, and build soil structure for greater plant growth, quality, and resiliency.


Investment in Long-Term
Soil Health


Creates a positive environment for soil microbes


Impacts soil structure, aeration and porosity


Can modify soil infiltration rate and ionic exchange capacity (CEC and AEC)


Can help reduce leaching and runoff


Long-lasting and chemically stable in the soil, resists degradation

Engineered for easy application with modern agricultural and landscaping equipment

By incorporating Cool Terra into the root zone, key soil performance characteristics can be enhanced. Cool Terra works to unlock the potential of the soil for improved plant available water, nutrient retention, biological environment and microbial growth, structure, and sustainability.

Regardless of your unique situation, you can easily use Cool Terra. Cool Terra is specifically engineered for easy, economical, low-rate usage. In addition, each Cool Terra product is designed for its specific usage and is compatible with typical application equipment. For example, Cool Terra Organic can be used with drop and rotary spreaders, topdressing equipment, and commercial
fertilizer spreaders.



new sod installations

For new sod installations: Utilize Cool Terra Organic as part of soil preparation, surface apply and lightly rake 18-70 lbs (~0.5-2 cubic feet) of product per 1000 sq. ft.


Seeding new turf

For seeding new turf: Utilize Cool Terra Organic by spreading an even layer of 18-70 lbs (~0.5-2 cubic feet) per 1000 sq. ft. to soil prior to seeding. Then rake both seeds and product into the top soil.



Gardens and plants

For gardens and plants utilize Cool Terra Organic by blending 250 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. into the top 4 in. of soil (~2% by volume)

Cool Terra Application Scenarios and Benefits by Crop Type


Golf & Sports Turf

  • Apply during aerification of existing turf or prior to seeding or sodding new turf


Landscapes & Gardens

  • Apply into the top 4” of soil for broad landscaping plantings and (or) compaction relief
  • Can be blended with additional materials for hydroseeding


Nursery & Greenhouse

  • Apply directly to soil media or mix with bulk soils, compost, or topdressings


Tree Planting & Transplants

  • Apply directly to the transplant or new planting root hole

Cool Terra’s specifically engineered properties can
deliver multiple benefits:

  • Improved soil water holding capacity and nutrient efficiency
  • Enhanced turf resiliency and quality

  • Improved soil structure and compaction relief
  • Revitalized soil characteristics in sub-optimal growing areas

  • Plant establishment impact through quicker germination and increased root development
  • Complimentary benefits to existing media regimes

  • High new tree planting and transplant success rates
  • Long-lasting soil root zone benefits

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