A biochar based soil health technology designed to optimize the quality, beauty, and resiliency of turf, landscapes, and trees.

Cool Terra® Organic featuring Engineered Biocarbon™ technology works to unlock key soil performance characteristics resulting in beautiful, resilient, and long-lasting turf, landscapes, and trees. The organic, 100% biobased material is biochar based and is high in fixed organic carbon. This means that it will stay in your soil and maintain its physical, chemical, and biological properties for many years providing season over season results.

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Help Your Turf, Landscapes, Ornamentals and Trees Thrive

An Edison Award-winning product, Cool Terra®, can help landscaping practitioners improve establishment and successful outcomes in new turf and landscape installations. Ultimately, this means happier customers, fewer warranty claims and more repeat business. Additionally, in many environments Cool Terra can have a beneficial impact on water-holding capacity, nutrient uptake, turf resilience, soil structure and resistance to compaction, making it a valuable tool in the belt of any landscape professional.

Cool Terra® can also play an important role during drought or other conditions stressful to plants by retaining moisture and, in many applications, reducing evaporation. More water in the root zone – where plants need it – and reduced evaporation typically leads to greener, healthier, aesthetically pleasing turf and landscape environments with less water.

Cool Terra® Soil Amendment Overview

Powerful Technology

When it comes to water and nutrient holding, soils enhanced with Engineered Biocarbon typically outperform standard soils. In many turf installations, Cool Terra® can help landscaping professionals to optimize water retention and maintain nutrients at the root level.

Increasing water and nutrient holding in the root zone can increase uptake and efficiency by plants, which in turn can result in a much better chance of surviving and thriving during drought or other stressful conditions.

Additionally, in areas of the country affected by restrictions on the use of synthetic nitrogen and other soluble nutrients, the addition of Cool Terra can help deliver a positive result to customers, with less nitrogen. Cool Terra has been engineered to exchange nitrates more effectively than many other products, which generally means more nitrates in the root zone, for longer periods of time.

Powerful Savings

Engineered with a strong carbon structure for enhanced durability, just one application of Cool Terra® during installation or transplant can benefit your turf grass and landscape for years to come. In many cases, the cost of adding Cool Terra is only pennies per square foot of turf, but with benefits that can last for the life of the installation.


California City Conserves Water, Maintains Turf Quality, with Cool Terra®

The City of Thousand Oaks, California, has a tradition of being a progressive and environmentally conscious city. According to John Smallis, public works superintendent, “It’s been our desire to never stay static and always look for improvements.”

With a drought hitting hard in the region, the City of Thousand Oaks implemented several innovative measures to conserve water for city hall’s shrubs, trees and turf. One of these measures was using Cool Terra®.

After applying Cool Terra® in August 2014, the city reduced its water usage on the turf by half. Today, even with a dramatic reduction in water, the city has seen improved soil quality and maintained green and full turf, trees and shrubs.

An added bonus has been the ease of use. Landscape Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Wilson notes that Cool Terra® is “… so easy, clean and quick to apply.”

Unlike other biochars the city explored, Cool Terra® Engineered Biocarbon™ is delivered in large supersacks ideal for commercial applications, with minimal dust and pH neutral (a major benefit in California’s alkaline soil).

True to the city’s nature, Smallis and Wilson are already thinking about the long-term environmental impact of Cool Terra®. “We have 27,000 street trees and 50,000 oak trees in our open spaces,” says Wilson. “By putting carbon back into the soil, Cool Terra® offers carbon sequestration benefit for hundreds of years.”

“The landscape industry has always preached if you want attractive landscaping, you need lots of fertilizer and lots of water. Nowadays, we’re more in tune on what’s going on with the environment.”

Kevin Wilson, Landscape Maintenance Supervisor
City of Thousand Oaks

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