When to use Cool Terra Organic on Tomatoes

For innovative commercial growers planting conventional or organic tomatoes.

Cool Terra® Organic can help improve soil quality and key soil performance characteristics for more robust plant growth, which can lead to higher marketable yields.

Features and Benefits of Cool Terra Organic:

  • Optimize Water Retention. By improving the water-holding capacity of the soil, optimizing infiltration rates, and limiting evaporative loss, plant root systems are able to access more available water for longer periods of time.
  • Provide an Environment for Microbial Growth. The highly porous physical structure of Cool Terra Organic makes it an ideal environment for microbial populations in soil. A healthy, diverse soil microbiome can result in fewer plant stressors and diseases, enhanced plant growth, and increased yield potential.
  • Build Lasting Soil Structure. By enhancing the soil structure with a durable and porous soil amendment, the valuable nutrition applied can be more efficiently used by the plant through nutrient retention in the root zone and reduced fertilizer leaching and runoff.
  • Improve the Environment. Cool Terra Organic is made from renewable resources and can be an important part of a program to sustain and revitalize soil. Soil quality is fundamental to the sustainability of food production.

Revitalize your soil, grow with Cool Terra Organic

For best results incorporate Cool Terra Organic in the root zone.

Apply 250-750 lbs/acre pre-plant using local practices and equipment used to apply dry granular inputs. Because application practices can vary, please contact your CCA to determine exact application rates. Optimally, precision band Cool Terra Organic along the plant row and incorporate into the root development zone. It can be mixed and co-applied with dry pre-plant fertilizer or
applied alone prior to liquid pre-plant fertilizer application. Cool Terra Organic also can be applied via broadcast spreader pre-bedding as long as bedding practices will eventually distribute Cool Terra Organic into the bed.

The Cool Planet Trials Story

Cool Planet is commercializing a groundbreaking Engineered Biocarbon™ technology that can help sustain agricultural productivity and profitability for the long run. Our technology is backed by years of fundamental research and modern engineering, resulting in consistent, effective, and usable solutions for addressing some of the biggest problems in the industry.

In 2016 Cool Planet embarked on the most ambitions field trial program in its history, testing Cool Terra in live field conditions with third-party and University researchers in over 50 trials across multiple crops, soils types, and growing regions. The trials demonstrated outstanding and consistent efficacy in a wide range of crops and growing environments.  Having invested millions of dollars in research over the past five years, Cool Planet is committed to applying rigorous science to sustainability and soil health, while also delivering value and a solid return on investment to the grower.

Fresh Market Tomato Trial Results

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