Bulk Soil Amendment & Conditioner For Production Agriculture

Cool Terra® works to improve key soil performance characteristics for greater crop productivity and operational sustainability

Applications and Use: For innovative, conventional and organic growers interested in optimizing soils for greater productivity, significant return on investment, and long-lasting sustainability benefits.

A consistent, predictable bulk soil amendment & conditioner effective for annual specialty fruit and vegetable crops, permanent crops, and broad-acre row crops across a wide range of soil conditions and geographies.


Cool Terra’s proven benefits are improved crop yields and farmer profitability, through water and fertilizer efficiency, positive soil microbe impact, improvements in seed germination and stand establishment, and meaningful carbon sequestration.


Historically, soil and soil health has been overlooked – seen as merely ground for holding plants while fertilizers, nutrients, and water help them grow. Over time, our topsoil’s have deteriorated due to erosion and some practices such as mono-cropping and over-tillage. Now, innovative farmers and growers are improving their soil health to achieve greater productivity, crop quality, and sustainability.

With global population growth expected to reach 10 billion in 2050, soils are becoming increasingly important. Cool Terra serves as a tool in a grower’s soil health toolbox to achieve profitability and sustainability simultaneously, instead of at the expense of one or the other.

At Cool Planet, we see soil as the foundation for your operation’s productivity and quality. So, we’ve engineered Cool Terra to optimize the vitality of all types of soil by enhancing the root zone. Cool Terra is an specifically engineered, biochar-based, soil amendment technology that has been shown to improve plant establishment through quicker germination and increased root development all while sequestering substantial amounts of carbon. This leads to increased agricultural productivity and profitability, and environmental sustainability.

View the results of our extensive field trial program.



A tool to help improve grower profitability


In targeted applications, improved yield on marketable produce, leading to increased revenue per acre


Allows for more efficient use of inputs, allowing growers to utilize fertilizer and irrigation more judiciously


Priced to allow growers to capture a substantial return on investment


Backed by credible science


Cool Planet has made a significant multi-year investment in internal R&D and foundational field trials. See Evidence of Efficacy page for specific field trial results


Over 120 independent, 3rd party (conducted by university and credible independents) field trials have shown that Cool Terra technology delivers, on average, a 12% increase in yield while generating a greater than 3:1 grower return on investment.


Investment in long-term soil health


Creates a positive environment for soil microbes


Impacts soil structure, aeration and porosity


Can modify soil infiltration rate and ionic exchange capacity (CEC and AEC)


Can help reduce leaching and runoff


Long-lasting and chemically stable in the soil, resists degradation

Engineered for easy application with modern agricultural and landscaping equipment

By incorporating Cool Terra into the root zone, key soil performance characteristics can be enhanced. Cool Terra soil conditioner works to unlock the potential of the soil for improved plant available water, nutrient retention, biological environment and microbial growth, structure, and sustainability.

Cool Terra is effective for a wide range of plants and soils and can be easily applied through normal agricultural application procedures:


tight band

For tight band application, apply 100-200 lbs per acre pre-plant, ensuring all applied material is incorporated into the root developement zone.



For broadcast application, apply 200-300 lbs per acre pre-plant, ensuring all applied material is incorporated.


blend & co-apply

Can blend and co-apply with most dry fertilizers, compost or humics applied pre-plant if incorporated.

Please consult your crop advisor for guidance.


Microbes inhabiting pores and surfaces.

icon-li   Extensive Surface Area

icon-li  High Porosity

icon-li  Free Air Space

icon-li  High Ion Exchange Capacity


Incorporate Cool Terra into the active root zone of plants or near germinating seeds. Application rate will depend on the plant species and planting density. Please consult your crop advisor for guidance.

Cool Terra Application Scenarios and Benefits by Crop Type


Annual Specialty Fruits & Vegetables

  • Tight band apply Cool Terra into the root development zone
  • Broadcast apply pre-plant into the root zone
  • Blend and co-apply with most dry fertilizers, compost, or humics pre-plant


Permanent Crops

  • Apply once at the time of installation into beds or holes


Broad-Acre Row Crops

  • Precision apply Cool Terra into the root zone in-furrow
  • Broadcast apply pre-plant into the root zone
  • Blend and co-apply with most dry fertilizers, compost, or humics pre-plant

Cool Terra’s specifically engineered properties can
deliver multiple benefits:

  • Improved soil water holding capacity
  • Enhanced fertilizer efficiency
  • A beneficial environment for microbial growth

  • Improved soil structure in targeted problem areas
  • Revitalized soil characteristics in sub-optimal growing areas

  • Plant establishment impact through quicker germination and increased root development
  • Revitalized and improved soil performance characteristics that will last

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