Greenhouse & Nursery Soil Amendment

Revitalize Your soil. Grow with Cool Terra.

Applications and Use: For innovative greenhouse and nursery operators producing in conventional and organic systems interested in optimizing key soil and substrate performance characteristics for quality, resilient, and beautiful plantings.

A consistent and predictable soil amendment for greenhouse and nursery propagation, transplanting, soil blends, composting and more.


Cool Terra helps nursery and greenhouse operators improve fundamental soil and substrate properties and has been shown to speed plant establishment through quicker germination and increased root development, support plant resiliency, and restore soil vitality. By incorporating Cool Terra into the soil root zone operators can provide more successful and longer lasting plants while achieving greater productivity. On top of that, Cool Terra sequesters carbon and benefits the sustainability of the entire operation.

Cool Terra is effective for a wide range of plants and soils and can
be used in a variety of beneficial ways in greenhouse and nursery environments:

  • In propagation to help establish cuttings of woody plants
  • When transplanting to reduce shock and promote rooting
  • In potting soil blends – can help reduce need for pumice and perlite
  • With field-grown trees to improve soil quality and promote healthy soils
  • In on-site composting to improve quality of finished compost

A biochar-based, fixed-carbon amendment for productivity and

Cool Terra is the world’s only fixed carbon root zone amendment produced with Cool Planet’s patented Engineered Biocarbon™ technology processes that create biochar-based products specifically designed to ensure predictability, consistency, and performance.

Cool Terra provides microbial a habitat with optimal nutrient and water holding capacity, as well as structural improvements for your soil and substrates.



Maintain plant quality from start to sale


By creating a positive environment for soil microbes, impacting soil and substrate structure and enhancing infiltration rates through through aeration and porosity benefits, and providing additional ion exchange capacity, plant roots are better able to access water and nutrients which ultimately leads to greater productivity and plant quality. In fact, Cool Terra has even shown improved yield benefits to plants transplanted into fields from the nursery.


Optimize water and nutrient efficiency


Cool Terra plays an important role to plants by retaining moisture and, in many applications, reducing evaporation. More water in the root zone – where plants need it – and reduced evaporation typically leads to greater productivity and plant health with less water. And, by optimizing water retention in the soil root zone, plant roots can access nutrients held in the water and through the material’s AEC/CEC capacity


Benefit sustainable operations


Most Cool Terra products are OMRI certified organic and USDA certified as 100% biobased. The fixed-carbon nature of Cool Terra allows for nursery and greenhouse carbon sequestration benefits. On top of that, Cool Terra can enable operators to use water and fertilizer more judiciously! Cool Terra is made from renewable resources and is more sustainable compared to other common substrates and additives such as peat, perlite, and vermiculite.

Engineered for easy application with modern equipment

By incorporating Cool Terra into the root zone, key soil performance characteristics can be enhanced. Cool Terra works to unlock the potential of the soil for improved plant available water, nutrient retention, biological environment and microbial growth, structure, and sustainability.

Regardless of your unique situation, you can easily use Cool Terra. Cool Terra is specifically engineered for easy, economical, low-rate usage and can be simply blended with traditional potting soils, substrates, and fertilizers

general directions for use:

For best results, incorporate Cool Terra into the root zone.

IN PROPAGATION 5% by volume ~ 1 teaspoon per plug tray
in container transplants or potting up
~ 2 teaspoons / gallon pot of soil
IN SOIL BLENDS 5% by volume ~ 1.5 ft3 per 1 yd3
WITH COMPOST 5% by volume ~ 5 yd3 yards per 100 yd3

cool terra combines the benefits of multiple soil media in a single product:

Enhanced Aeration and Draining Limited Ability to Aerate Soil Ability to improve aeration and infiltration
Neutral pH High pH Neutral pH
Limited CEC Significant CEC Significant CEC and AEC
Limited Water Retention Significant Water Holding Capacity Significant Water Holding Capacity

Available through your local distributor in a range of sizes. For example, Cool Terra Organic is available in the following sizes:


Cool Terra® Organic –
1000 lb Supersack

For professional and commercial growers


Cool Terra® Organic –
35 lb Polybag

For recreational growers and landscapers

Cool Terra Application Scenarios and Benefits by Crop Type


Golf & Sports Turf

  • Apply during aerification of existing turf or prior to seeding or sodding new turf


Landscapes & Gardens

  • Apply into the top 4” of soil for broad landscaping plantings and (or) compaction relief
  • Can be blended with additional materials for hydroseeding


Nursery & Greenhouse

  • Apply directly to soil media or mix with bulk soils, compost, or topdressings


Tree Planting & Transplants

  • Apply directly to the transplant or new planting root hole

Cool Terra’s specifically engineered properties
can deliver multiple benefits:

  • Improved soil water holding capacity and nutrient efficiency
  • Supports turf resiliency and quality

  • Improved soil structure and compaction relief
  • Revitalized soil characteristics in sub-optimal growing areas

  • Plant establishment impact through quicker germination and increased root development
  • Complimentary benefits to existing media regimes

  • High new tree planting and transplant success rates
  • Long-lasting soil root zone benefits

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