Row Crop Treatment and Soil Amendment

Optimize key soil performance characteristics for greater broad-acre row crop productivity and sustainability

Applications and Use: For innovative, conventional and organic, growers interested in improving key soil performance characteristics for greater permanent crop yield, significant return on investment, and long-term sustainability benefits.

Cool Terra is a consistent and predictable soil amendment which has shown impressive crop yield improvement results on corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco, rice, barley, and more crops.


By partnering with over 50 independent, 3rd party, university and
agricultural researchers to conduct studies, on a wide variety of crops and in a diverse array of growing regions, we proudly stand behind the results we’ve seen.

The trial program utilized standard design methods for all the trials including randomized, complete block, replicated design, where fields or orchards are divided into units to account for any soil variation in the field.


A valuable tool in a grower’s soil health toolbox

No matter your soil type, geography, growing environment, and plant
varieties, many growers can benefit from Cool Terra’s soil health improvement features. Cool Terra can help improve soil quality and key soil performance characteristics for more robust plant growth, which can lead to higher marketable yields.

View the results of our extensive field trial program.

Yield improvement comparison of cool terra treated plots vs. growers “standard treatment plots”




Incorporate Cool Terra into the active root zone of plants or near germinating seeds. Application rate will depend on the plant species and planting density. Please consult your crop advisor for guidance.

row crop applications

Crops include but are not limited to corn, soybeans, cotton, cereal grains, forage crops, peanuts, tobacco and sugar.


In Furrow

For in furrow application at planting apply 10-20 lbs per acre.



For broadcast application, apply 50-100 lbs per acre and incorporate.


blend & co-apply

Can blend and co-apply with most dry fertilizers, compost or humics applied pre-plant if incorporated.


For growers who desire to improve plant establishment


Cool Terra’s specifically engineered physical, chemical, and biological properties have been shown to improve plant establishment through quicker germination and increased root development. Our proprietary production process creates a naturally occurring residual chemistry that positively impacts germination in terms of speed and completeness.

This residual chemistry that resides on Cool Terra is likely the cause for productivity benefits even when applied at low rates on broad-acre crops.


For growers who desire
soil health


Soil is a complex biological system that serves as the foundation for productivity. Key soil performance characteristics can mean the difference between measuring yield in lbs per acre or tons per acre. Cool Terra serves as a tool in your soil health toolbox. The carbon-based material enhances Soil Organic Matter levels, builds lasting soil structure (Cool Terra resists breaking down biologically over time like other carbon-based amendments), improves water and nutrient efficiency, and provides a habitat for microbial life.


For growers who want to leave a lasting-legacy


We demand much from our soils to provide for our families and communities. Unfortunately, that demand has degraded some soils which challenges the overall productivity of land in years to come. Investing in soil health today can provide productive lands for future generations and improve the overall value of farm land. Cool Terra is a fixed carbon material that provides long-lasting, season over season soil benefits because it will resist breaking down biologically over time.


Microbes inhabiting pores and surfaces.

icon-li   Extensive Surface Area

icon-li  High Porosity

icon-li  Free Air Space

icon-li  High Ion Exchange Capacity

Available through your local distributor in a range of sizes. For example, Cool Terra Organic is available in the following sizes:


Cool Terra® Organic –
1000 lb Supersack

For professional and commercial growers


Cool Terra® Organic –
35 lb Polybag

For recreational growers and landscapers

Cool Terra Application Scenarios and Benefits by Crop Type


Annual Specialty Fruits & Vegetables

  • Tight band apply Cool Terra into the root development zone
  • Broadcast apply pre-plant into the root zone
  • Blend and co-apply with most dry fertilizers, compost, or humics pre-plant


Permanent Crops

  • Apply once at the time of installation into beds or holes


Broad-Acre Row Crops

  • Precision apply Cool Terra into the root zone in-furrow
  • Broadcast apply pre-plant into the root zone
  • Blend and co-apply with most dry fertilizers, compost, or humics pre-plant

Cool Terra’s specifically engineered properties can deliver multiple benefits:

  • Improved soil water holding capacity
  • Enhanced fertilizer efficiency
  • A beneficial environment for microbial growth

  • Improved soil structure in targeted problem areas
  • Revitalized soil characteristics in sub-optimal growing areas

  • Plant establishment impact through quicker germination and increased root development
  • Revitalized and improved soil performance characteristics that will last

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