Cool Terra® Trials and Research Program

The efficacy of Cool Terra® has been demonstrated through hundreds of experiments and R&D trials, both internally and with external independent third-party researchers.

Rather than making claims with limited evidence, we are bringing our products to market by following the traditional, proven path used successfully by other successful agricultural products, namely:

  • Deep internal scientific trials to refine and advance technology and understanding of mechanisms
  • University and private research trials to prove efficacy
  • Distribution, key influencer and grower trials/demos to demonstrate value
  • Partnerships developed with Industry Distribution and Technology Partners with wide-ranging capabilities

Over 100 independent, 3rd party, quantifiable trials conducted.

Across 40+ plants and crops in a variety of growing regions and soil types

Use the trial navigator to find results for specific plants and crops:

Yield Increase (%) of Cool Terra® Treated Plots Compared to the Grower Standard