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All Biochar Is Not Created Equal

When it comes to biochar, the proof is in the performance. Cool Terra® is produced by using biochar as a raw material that is then processed and upgraded to ultimately create Engineered Biocarbon™ technology. The Demetra treatment process detoxifies the biochar while eliminating variability and ensuring a top-performing amendment that consistently works. When raw biochar is transformed into Cool Terra®, critical measures – from germination and plant performance to nutrient cycling and water retention – are enhanced. Most importantly, the product remains consistent from batch to batch, always delivering the same, positive experience.

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How Cool Terra® is produced

Cool Terra® begins by heating renewably sourced, non-food biomass in low oxygen conditions, creating “raw biochar.” This material is then adjusted using our proprietary upgrading technology.

Cool Planet’s upgrading technology accomplishes the following:

  • Cleans the pores of the material, removing hydrocarbon residues and other undesirable substances
  • Adjusts and balances pH to ensure consistent performance without side effects
  • Enhances the surface chemistry of the material to optimize microbial growth in the pores and on the surfaces as well as enhancing nutrient exchange in the soil
  • Conditions pores to better retain water and nutrients and to host beneficial microbes
  • Removes dust, improves flowability and creates consistent particle sizes for easy, predictable application you can count on

Cool Terra® Processing

Cool Planet addresses shortfalls of traditional “raw” biochar with robust scientific methods, engineering, a deep understanding of soil science and manufacturing expertise.

  • Consistency. Process control across the entire spectrum of production enables us to maintain standardized conditions that ensure product consistency, which is critical in a commercial agricultural product. This is not just about pyrolysis – it’s about a full process built from the ground up to deliver consistency: from feedstock selection, to pyrolysis, to the critical treatment process that we call Demetra, all of the steps have been designed with consistency in mind.
  • Customizability. Cool Planet has the ability to manufacture Engineered Biocarbon™ technology utilizing a variety of feedstocks, conditions and treatments targeted to deliver success in particular soils, crops and application requirements.

Cool Terra® can be substituted in some applications for materials such as perlite, vermiculite, ceramic beads, chemical polymers and even sand. However, Cool Terra®, in one single environmentally friendly product, can perform many of the functions that require each of these other products.

Cool Terra works to unlock the potential of the soil

Cool Terra is a durable, porous, organic material designed and engineered to improve soil quality by having a good ionic exchange capacity, increasing water and nutrient retention, and providing a positive environment for microbial growth.

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