One More Year

November 5, 2019

“One More Year” – Georgia Duo Wins at National FFA Agriscience Fair with Cool Terra®

“Just give me one more year,” said Cayden Mathews, to his friend, Joe Corbett. Joe took him up on it and it paid off big.

Because Corbett accepted Mathews request to stay the course, they won their division of the National Agriscience Fair last week. The National Agriscience Fair was part of the National FFA Convention held in Indianapolis.

Corbett and Mathews, 17 year old Juniors at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia, have investigated the impact of Cool Terra® over the past two years. The first year, they focused on the increase of soil microbial activity caused by Cool Terra. They won the Georgia FFA Agriscience and then competed at the National Agriscience Fair. With some challenging circumstances, they placed 8th.

Corbett was discouraged. He had pursued a national win in the Agriscience Fair since he was 11 years old with various projects. He said was going to give it up and Mathews challenged him.

They regrouped and took a new focus. They examined the impact of Cool Terra on plant growth of Case Knife Beans, an heirloom variety. They found an amazing 45 inches more growth per specimen plant with their recent project.

Following winning the Plant Systems, Division 4, of the Georgia Agriscience Fair in April with this project, they sought additional help from Cool Planet® advisory board member, Jim Bone. Bone had initially interested the pair in investigating the Cool Terra product. With Bone’s helpful criticism, the pair re-doubled their interview preparation efforts in the weeks preceding the national competition.

They then interviewed last Wednesday, exiting the interview with confidence of a good performance. They were named to the Top Three in the nation at the Agriscience Luncheon on Thursday. They walked onstage with the other two teams on Friday. After the second place team was named, they realized they had won the National Agriscience Fair!

The pair plans to continue their fruitful research partnership. They are about to begin testing Cool Terra against standard biochar for a new project. They are extremely grateful for the support of Jim Bone and the Cool Planet Company.

Because of the experiences with this research project, Corbett plans a career in Agronomy. Mathews will pursue a path towards veterinary medicine.







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