Cool Terra: An Innovative Way To Improve Soil Health

June 27, 2018

Cool Terra: An Innovative Way To Improve Soil Health

Is it possible to support a grower’s bottom line and incorporate practices that are good for society now and future generations? We believe there is an obvious solution beneath our feet to achieve profitability and sustainability simultaneously: Soil.

Healthy soil is alive, a living ecosystem, and serves as the foundation for agriculture. Lately, soil health has gained significant attention, including a growing amount of investment and research in soil carbon and microbes. This represents a new trend in agriculture with implications from farm productivity, to the environment, to even human health.

Cool Terra®, a biochar-based, engineered biocarbon™ technology, provides growers with an innovative way to enhance soil vitality in one season and for many seasons after.

Here’s how Cool Terra works. Soil carbon comes in different forms:

1) Labile: including short-lived materials like compost.

2) Humic: such as humic and fulvic acids.

3) Recalcitrant: long lasting, durable, porous carbon. Each plays an important role in promoting healthy soils. Modern science and engineering were applied to design Cool Terra®, a recalcitrant carbon-based technology with properties engineered specifically to enhance key soil performance characteristics in the root zone.

Cool Terra®’s high porosity, expansive surface area, high ion exchange capacity, free airspace, neutral pH and durable cell walls enhance the soil by optimizing water retention, building lasting soil structure, providing an environment for beneficial microbes, and sequestering CO2.

Cool Terra® can deliver profitability (grower ROI) and sustainability across a variety of crops throughout a multitude of growing regions. In fact, Cool Terra® has shown impressive results and plant yield when incorporated into the root zone of specialty crops, row crops, fruit and nut crops, trees, turf, and ornamentals.

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