How To Improve Soil Health with Cool Terra®

November 1, 2018

How To Improve Soil Health with Cool Terra®

How do you utilize Cool Terra® for soil health?

Using Biochar-Based Cool Terra to Improve Soil
Cool Terra® biochar-based products are engineered for easy application with modern agricultural and landscaping equipment. By incorporating Cool Terra into the root zone, key soil performance characteristics can be enhanced. Cool Terra works to unlock the potential of the soil for improved plant available water, nutrient retention, biological environment and microbial growth, structure, and sustainability.

Cool Terra® is effective for a wide range of plants and soils and can be easily applied through normal application procedures:

Production Agriculture Application Scenarios

In-furrow at seeding Best applied in separate box, but can be mixed with seed or dry fertilizer in certain situations
Banded along the plant line Can Blend and co-apply with pre-plant fertilizer or apply separately
Broadcast during ground prep Can Blend and co-apply with pre-plant fertilizer
Direct application to tree holes Incorporate directly into tree hole at recommended v/v rate


Turf, Nursery, and Ornamental Application Scenarios

Existing Turf, including sports turf, golf and lawns Apply during aerification for best results
Seeding or Sodding Can be applied directly on top of application area and incorporated into the top 4” of soil
Plantings Blend into the top 4” of soil
Mixes Mix or blend with bulk soil, compost, and topdressing
Hydroseeding Blend with slurry prior to application

Improved Soil Health

Application rates and practices can vary depending on the soil type, crop and plants, and long-term objectives. Growers can utilize the Cool Terra rate calculator mobile app to determine the application rates that will best suit their specific needs. Or, they are encouraged to contact their local retailer for specific, customized consultation based on their local practices.

Cool Terra products are available for sale today through Cool Planet’s extensive distribution network. Growers and green industry professionals can purchase Cool Terra products at their local retailer. Additionally, Cool Terra® Organic 5 quart jugs are available for sale on Amazon.com.

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