Cool Terra Donated to Support Renovation of City of Detroit Park

July 19, 2018

Cool Terra Donated to Support Renovation of City of Detroit Park

At Cool Planet, our mission is to ‘innovate to change the world for good’. Our mission serves as the foundation for all of our work, from our research and development process to our operating and production procedures we utilize innovative approaches to provide global benefit. Which is why we were thrilled to work with Project Evergreen, a national non-profit that brings people together to make a difference in their communities through greener, healthier, cooler parks that capture carbon and result in cleaner air, in their renovation work in a city of Detroit Park: Pingree Park.

Renovation work began at Pingree Park, an 18-acre park in an East Side Detroit neighborhood spanning from East Warren Avenue to East Canfield Street in November 2017. The renovation, initiated and managed by Project Evergreen, is designed to boost the health and well-being of the neighborhood. The project includes improvements that will provide residents with better use of the park, increased safety for kids playing on the grass sports fields and generate community pride. It will also create a central community hub for people to gather and connect with one another.

When all of us at Cool Planet heard what the renovation project included (better walkways, updated landscaping for beauty and safety, renovated sports field with improved grass surfaces, welcoming gather spaces, much-need pruning for old trees that provide shade in the heat of summer, as well as new tree transplanting) we wanted to partner alongside Project Evergreen and the City of Detroit and support the work by donating Cool Terra® Organic, our biochar-based technology, to be incorporated in various aspects of the renovation work!

Cool Planet’s  Turf, Nursery, and Ornamental Segment Lead, Owen Towne, says ‘Cool Terra’s ability to improve key soil performance characteristics will provide quality, beautiful, and resilient turf and trees at the newly designed Pingree Park’. Towne volunteered at one of the project’s work days last fall and helped incorporate Cool Terra into tree transplant holes. The biochar based material is specifically engineered with extensive porosity, surface area, and ion exchange capacity to improve tree transplant success and plant establishment through increased root development and greater resiliency to stressors. By incorporating ~5% v/v of Cool Terra into the backfill hole, the newly planted trees at Pingree Park have a solid soil structure which provides a strong foundation for growth and resiliency.

On top of that, the Cool Terra applied into the tree plantings benefits the overall sustainability of the park land. In fact, the Cool Terra products used at Pingree Park sequestered 4 tons of carbon!

Towne said ‘It was a pleasure working with Project Evergreen, the City of Detroit, volunteers, and other local businesses. The team spirit was contagious and I hope the community benefits from the project for many years.’ We applaud Project Evergreen, the City of Detroit, and other local business for supporting the collaborative effort to revitalize Pingree Park and the surrounding communities. Thank you for allowing us to participate in your great work!

Call us at 303-221-2029 for more information on Cool Planet’s mission to improve sustainability and soil health.

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