August 16, 2018

Cool Terra Available on Amazon Prime!

Attention home gardeners and landscapers, backyard producers, and home planters: Cool Terra® Organic products are available for sale on Amazon Prime!

At Cool Planet, we listen to and value the feedback of our customers. So, when we heard that you wanted Cool Terra® Organic featuring biochar-based engineered biocarbon™ technology available for purchase online we made sure to provide fans of Cool Terra with the easiest, most convenient way to get their hands on it.

Home gardeners and landscapers across the U.S. are utilizing Cool Terra to revitalize their soil and enhance the growth, quality, and beauty of their outdoor gardens, indoor plants, backyard vegetable and produce gardens, and their indoor potted plants.

In order to ensure Cool Terra is available to you whenever you are planting or preparing your soil for new plantings, we have made 5 qt. jugs of Cool Terra Organic available for only $19.99 through Amazon Prime!

What is Cool Terra Organic featuring Engineered Biocarbon™ technology? Cool Terra Organic is Cool Planet’s premier soil enhancement product. The biochar-based technology works to improve key soil performance characteristics for greater plant growth and quality.

How does Cool Terra work to enhance the soil root zone? By incorporating Cool Terra Organic into the soil root zone, growers and gardeners can optimize the soil by building lasting soil structure, optimizing the soil’s water holding capacity, providing a beneficial environment for microbes, and sequestering carbon. Check out the science behind Cool Terra and the specific engineering we employ to create a predictable and consistent soil enhancer.

On top of all that, Cool Terra works in a complementary fashion to other forms of soil carbon like compost or humics. Compared to other forms of soil carbon that you may currently be using, Cool Terra is different. Why? Because it does not break down biologically over time. Which means it maintains its physical and chemical properties over many years, providing season over season impact!

We recommend you utilize 1-5% v/v of Cool Terra to enhance your current soil management practices. Send us your ‘backyard’ pictures of your gardens and plants! We can’t wait to see what Cool Terra can do for you.

Call us at 303-221-2029 for more information on or to purchase our biochar-based, engineered biocarbon™ technology.

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