Cool Planet provides Engineered Biocarbon™ Technology that can significantly improve soil health while sequestering carbon. The technology impacts three of the world's largest markets.

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Stories From the Soil

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‘Stories From The Soil’ is a collaborative effort developed by the soil health company, Cool Planet, and Tim Hammerich, the host of the Future of Agriculture podcast, to showcase and advance soil health practices of expert farmers, land stewards, and researchers. Learn from experts on the realities of soil health and join the collaborative movement to innovate soil health technologies to improve farm and green industry productivity and sustainability.

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Cool Planet Completes 100th Independent Trial of Cool Terra®

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Cool Planet Completed 100th Independent Trail of Cool Terra®. Trials have shown a greater than 12 avg. improvement in yield across a variety of crops and regions!

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    Soil health company Cool Planet opens its crop-trial database to public

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