Cool Planet provides Engineered Biocarbon™ Technology that can significantly improve soil health while sequestering carbon. The technology impacts three of the world's largest markets.

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Soil: The Foundation for Productivity and Sustainability

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Farmers are making significant progress towards sustainably increasing productivity to meet the demands of a growing American population. In particular, farmers are choosing to invest in soil health to establish a foundation for long-term agricultural productivity. We applaud the Senate Agriculture Committee for including a new pilot program within the Farm Bill that will pay farmers for building soil health and increasing soil carbon. This program will encourage more farmers to adopt soil health practices, carbon sequestration, and sustainable agriculture, and will help further develop the nascent soil health industry. If we continue fostering innovation and farm stewardship, we believe agricultural productivity, sustainability, and farmer profitability can all be achieved simultaneously and produce a win for farmers and a win for our planet.

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Cool Planet Completes 100th Independent Trial of Cool Terra®

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Cool Planet Completed 100th Independent Trail of Cool Terra®. Trials have shown a greater than 12 avg. improvement in yield across a variety of crops and regions!

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