What is Cool Fauna™

Cool Fauna is an Engineered Biocarbon product that has shown significant potential in Animal Health and Nutrition applications. Fed at low levels in traditional feed rations, Cool Fauna has demonstrated weight gain, reduced animal sickness and reduced methane from enteric fermentation. The porous nature of our Engineered Biocarbon product could deliver some of the same benefits that activated carbon has been known to provide in both humans and animals. Much work remains to be done in the animal space but early indications are promising and are supported by experiences outside the U.S.

Beef Cattle or Dairy Operations

In addition to the potential to reduce the production of methane from ruminant animals such as cattle, the product has significant potential to increase the weight gain or milk production in beef or dairy cattle.

In feed, Cool Fauna could serve as a toxin binder to remove mycotoxins that cause health issues in animals. Trials have shown the Engineered Biocarbon as having the potential to reduce scours in calves, which may reduce the use of some antibiotics.

Poultry Operations

In poultry, Cool Fauna could increase the weight gain of broiler chickens while reducing ammonia emissions from the poultry litter. The Engineered Biocarbon product in the litter or bedding material could then retain nutrients and increase the value of the organic fertilizer that is produced from the poultry litter.

Environmental Benefits

Cool Fauna has the potential to hold on to valuable nutrients in the manure instead of losing them in the form of Volatile Organic Carbons (VOCs) to the air or via nutrients leeching into groundwater. This reduces noxious odor in poultry, dairy, beef or swine operations, while increasing the fertilizer value of the manure.

  • Reducing noxious odors
  • Reducing methane produced in the rumen
  • Reducing nutrient leeching into groundwater
  • Reducing water/pasture irrigation
  • Increasing microbial life in the pasture
  • Increasing nutrient retention in manure
  • Sequestering carbon and building lasting soil structure

Cool Terra and Cool Fauna in a Farm/Ranch Systems Approach

Cool Fauna and Cool Terra are both showing promise as a key component in sustainability for the entire farm/ranch system. Placed into animal bedding material, Cool Terra can help address environmental issues in large poultry, dairy and feedlot operations by helping to reduce volatiles and odor while still capturing valuable nutrients like nitrogen. The nitrogen-rich animal manure/litter, which will already contain Cool Fauna if fed to the animal or Cool Terra if placed into the bedding material or compost pile, can then be spread onto the field. The end result? The amount of necessary fertilizer could be reduced, and soil health and crop yield are improved. The entire systems approach is described in the other uses of Cool Terra.

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