We are a technology company developing Engineered Biocarbon™ and hydrocarbon products to address three of the world's greatest necessities: food, water, and energy

Cool Terra®  Engineered Biocarbon - Healthy plants need healthy soil.

What is Cool Terra® Engineered Biocarbon?

Cool Terra® is highly porous - acting like a sponge to more efficiently utilize water and nutrients near a plant’s root zone. Its pore structure and chemistry provides surfaces where beneficial soil microbes can attach and flourish. Enhancing the microbe population in the soil can help enhance root growth, and result in healthier plants.

Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon is different from standard biochar products due to Cool Planet’s proprietary detoxifying and treatment process – which provides the following features:
• Removing toxins, residues and cleaning pores
• Adjusting key soil health properties of the material
• Delivering a product designed to better retain water and nutrients at the root level

The resulting engineered biocarbon is a unique material that produces consistent and reliable results for many applications in the agriculture industry.
Benefits of CoolTerra

Cool Terra® engineered biocarbon helps to improve soil health in horticulture, turf and landscape, viticulture, row crops, fruit and nut trees, composting, and many more applications.

Cool Terra® engineered biocarbon is an OMRI certified organic product, and earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label, fulfilling all federal purchasing requirements for biobased products through the USDA BioPreferred® program.

In 2014, the Cool Terra product received the Gold Edison Award as the most breakthrough Agricultural innovation in the world, and was featured on MSNBC in a segment that discussed solutions for soil health and drought.

Cool Terra naturally increases the water holding capacity of most soils, improves nutrient efficiency at the root level and nurtures microbial growth – supporting soil health and plant growth.

Benefits of Cool Terra®

Benefits of CoolTerra

Cool Terra® takes CO2 captured by plants from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil underground. For every ton of Cool Terra® placed into the soil, approximately 2.7 tons of atmospheric CO2 is sequestered.

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