We are a technology company developing hydrocarbon and Engineered Biocarbon™ products to address three of the world's greatest necessities: energy, food and water

Reducing greenhouse gasses as we fuel and feed the world

Driving Innovation
to Change the World
for Good

Corporate Overview

Cool Planet is a technology company that is developing fuels, chemicals, and Engineered Biocarbon™ products to address three of the world’s largest markets: energy, food and water. Currently we are commercializing Cool Terra® an engineered biocarbon that helps to improve soil health, as well as Cool Fauna™ for use in animal nutrition. The process will also produce high-octane gasoline, jet, diesel, and renewable chemicals when the pyrolysis vapors are passed through a chemical catalyst.

Our renewable fuels and chemicals are identical to the ones produced from fossil fuels. They can be blended into the current fuel supply, taking greenhouse gases out of the air, without sacrificing performance or increasing prices at the pump.

Our Cool Terra® engineered biocarbon product sequesters carbon and creates value for the agriculture, water, and livestock industries.

Relative to other fuel production processes, our technology allows us to build smaller, significantly less expensive facilities closer to biomass feedstock, so we can expand rapidly, achieve lower scale-up risk and continuously innovate and improve with each new facility.

Our strategic investors include BP, Google Ventures, Energy Technology Ventures (GE, ConocoPhillips, NRG Energy), and the Constellation division of Exelon.

Cool Planet' investors:  GE, BP, Google Ventures, and North Bridge Venture Partners

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